Saint Patrick's Luxury Boutique Hotel

The ultra stylish Saint Patrick's Luxury Boutique Hotel is the region's celebrated innovative concept hotel for the discerning traveller who wants a unique experience.

Fashioned from an architecturally splendid Convent built in 1906, the landmark building has been painstakingly restored into a beautiful, intimate luxury hotel of the highest calibre affording the traveller a very private, old-world hotel experience with understated luxury.

A mixture of timeless elegance and eclectic style, mixing old with new for the pleasure of experiencing some of the past with all the amenities and comforts of today, this superb accommodation is located within the picturesque township of Koroit, approximately 15 minutes drive from Warrnambool and 10 minutes from Port Fairy. 

Saint Patrick's will interest the sophisticated traveller who has an interest and appreciation of architecture and its historical significance on a community; as well as the individual expression of the previous and current owners who have maintained the integrity of the building and its surroundings but enhanced the austerity of what were the interiors.

Each of the five richly appointed guest rooms bears the name of a nun honouring their past and dedication, but that is where the past leaves the present.  For these rooms are nothing like the former Convent and each is individually styled with opulent fittings and decorated with eclectic furnishings providing the ultimate in comfort.

Far beyond an ordinary hotel, Saint Patrick's offers a welcoming array of complimentary amenities to guests providing unparallelled value amongst luxury hotels.

The Saint Patrick's Luxury Boutique Hotel signature style is unsurpassed at providing the guests with a feeling of understated luxury, hospitality, mixed with beautiful accommodations, superb service as well as value.